Why Kaley Cuoco Wants to end ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ?


With The Big Bang Theory heading into its 11th season this fall, everyone seems to be wondering how much longer the show will go on. Star Kaley Cuoco has her own idea of when the show should end. In an interview with CBS, Cuoco, who plays Penny on the CBS sitcom, reflected on how long the sitcom has lasted, and weighed in on its future. “I didn’t think we’d get to this point,” Cuoco told CBS News when speaking about making it to season 11. As for when the 31-year-old actress will be ready to wrap up this chapter of her career? Cuoco doesn’t have an end date in mind yet, but she did make it clear that she doesn’t want TBBT to overstay its welcome with fans.

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Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, has her own opinion on the matter. She doesn’t have an end date in mind, but she feels the show wouldn’t want to over stay it’s welcome. “I’d be happy to go as long as we can, but I would like to go out on a high note,” she explained. “I’d prefer to go out while we’re doing well.” This isn’t the first time that the stars have speculated that the end was near.

Kaley Kuoco drops potential ‘Big Bang Theory’ ending. Watch this video below.

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Cuoco has been busy shooting season 11, and she said working on the show is as rewarding as ever, especially since she and co-star Johnny Galecki have talks with the audience on show nights. “We talk to them and thank them for coming and they get so excited,” she said. “It’s a special part of our show night.” The actress believes fans will feel somewhat satiated after seeing the first episode of the new season.

Kaley Cuoco had tough time reading her ‘Big Bang Theory’ 11 script. Watch this video below.

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“Why would everyone walk away from something that’s so good? No-one would. Not the studio, not the actors, not anyone. We’d all be foolish. But it is the industry and unless pen is on paper and you’re signed, sealed, delivered, anything can happen. There was never real doubt in my mind, but things can happen.”

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Cuoco said she sometimes can’t believe that “The Big Bang Theory” has run for nearly 10 years.”I didn’t think we’d get to this point,” she said. Cuoco said of keeping the show on air, “I’d be happy to go as long as we can, but I would like to go out on a high note. I’d prefer to go out while we’re doing well.” The season premiere of “The Big Bang Theory” airs Monday, September 25th on CBS.

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