Which OITNB star won Emmy award?


Uzo Aduba’s won an Emmy for being an Outstanding Supporting Actress. She tells The Post she’s just found her perfect dress for Sunday’s awards show. “I just came from a fitting,” she says. “An incredible human being. Her gifts extend beyond acting, and I’m here to celebrate that,” Aduba says.
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Which is why it comes as such a shock that the actress almost gave up on her dream mere minutes before being offered the role. In the latest issue of Essence, the actress opens up about her long and difficult journey to success revealing she actually made the decision to quit acting. “My heart never quit,” she recalls when thinking about the slew of failed auditions. “And that was the first time I felt my heart give out on me.” Just 45 minutes after making the decision to ditch acting in favor of a plan b, her agent called her to let her know she’d been offered the role of “Crazy Eyes.” “I lost my mind.

Leaked: Uzo Aduba’s Orange Is The New Black Audition Season 1. Watch this video below.

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The 36-year-old actress, who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on “Orange,” has been nominated for a third Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy for the character this year. She tells The Post she’s just found her perfect dress for Sunday’s awards show. Though this year’s Emmy noms are arguably the most diverse ever — 25 actors of color were nominated, up from 22 last year — Aduba thinks the awards show could still do more on the inclusivity front.

Uzo Aduba ‘Orange Is the New Black’ star’s interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Watch this video below.

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But just because Aduba found success doesn’t mean the struggle is over. These days the actress is focusing her efforts to remind herself and everyone else, that she’s perfect just the way she is. “This business will try to convince you that you’re not enough,” she says. “That you’re not pretty enough, thin enough, talented enough, interesting enough, experienced enough, and I say, ‘Enough. Enough with that!’”

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