The gossip that going around Angie Rice on ‘Orange is the new black’.


The fifth season of Orange Is the New Black is filled with intense, dramatic moments, but it also has its fair share of levity, oftentimes courtesy of the drugged-out dynamic duo of Leanne (Emma Myles) and Angie (Julie Lake). If you’ve been wondering about the woman behind everyone’s favorite meth head, Angie . It turns out her meth teeth are painted on, so it only takes a few minutes to transform from Julie to Angie. Rodriguez In season five, Angie gets into all sorts of shenanigans during Litchfield’s three-day standoff with the guards and MCC.


Transformations are an incredible thing, especially when you see the transformation that some actors make to become your favorite character. When it comes to actually having a favorite character, Orange is The New Black has one of the biggest varieties of badass babes that you can pick from. One of our favorite characters across the whole five seasons has been there to deliver some witty remarks throughout: meth head Angie.

“OITNB” star talks transformation & heartbreaking beath. Watch this video below.


Actress Julie Lake revealed her transformation to becoming ‘meth head’ Angie takes minutes thanks to a few quick make-up tricks. WITH greasy hair and unmissable yellow teeth, Angie Rice on Orange Is The New Black is well known for stirring up trouble with fellow inmate Leanne. But fans have been shocked after seeing what stunning actress Julie Lake looks like in real life – and her jawdropping transformation doesn’t take as long as you may think. The beautiful actress achieves her striking jail look using fake teeth that are stained with foul-coloured paint.

What ‘The Orange Is The New Black’ stars look like in real life. Watch this video below.




In the photo below, Julie Lake, who plays meth head Angie Rice on “Orange Is the New Black,”

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Speaking to toofab, Lake explained the process she goes through from looking fresh faced and beautiful to drug addled and rough. “The teeth are really fast. They have a palate of colours that’s like tobacco stain, nicotine, coffee, dark greens, yellows and browns, it’s disgusting.”The most shocking thing is that Lake’s transformation barely takes any time at all. “I wish I could say it takes three hours to make me look hideous, but it’s probably like the make-up alone is two minutes and the hair is two.” The character and how she really looks is so drastically different that Lake never gets recognised.



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