Sony TV deals with ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ series.


Darabont is seeking more than $200 million in damages. Last week, Kirkman announced he was leaving AMC Studios for Amazon, a sign that something was amiss in his relationship with the network. With flagging ratings and more TV shows than ever, networks in recent years have been building out and buying more shows from sister studios, rather than going to outside studios like Sony or Lionsgate.

The Walking Dead Season 8 – AMC and Robert Kirkman Split! Watch this video.


Pressure was mounting for Darabont, who felt he was wrestling a giant alligator on a daily basis. And after footage came in, Darabont wasn’t liking what he saw — and he wasn’t shy about expressing his distaste in a highly obscene way, according to the newly revealed documents in his lawsuit against AMC.

AMC Lawsuit explained | Robert Kirkman sues over Walking Dead. Watch this video below.


That wouldn’t be the only profane rant that month. In one email, Darabont asked why camera operators were being paid when “Ray Charles could operate better.” In yet another, he compared one of the show’s directors to someone whom he’d formerly worked with who had suffered massive, debilitating strokes. “It’s like we yanked some kid with no experience out of high school and put her in charge of directing a show,” wrote Darabont.

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Under the multi-year pact, Erickson will develop new television series for broadcast, cable and streaming. “Chris and Jason are passionate creative advocates and collaborators,” said Erickson. Teamed with Sheri Elwood, he is developing David Cronenberg’s novel Consumed as an hourlong drama series. Fear The Walking Dead co-creator/former showrunner Dave Erickson has signed an overall deal with Sony Pictures Television Studios. Under the multi-year pact, Erickson will develop new television series for broadcast, cable and streaming.

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In the Walking Dead lawsuit, both sides are now asking a judge to read contracts and come to respective preferred interpretations. In doing so, they’ve dumped scores of exhibits before New York State Supreme Court Justice Eileen Bransten to lay the foundation for winning arguments.






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