Maggie’s Baby will not Born – ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8. Confirmed!


Chandler Riggs, who stars as Carl Grimes in the zombie epic, recently promised there would be plenty of deaths in store. However, while she appears to be ready to pop, The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple has revealed the expectant mother won’t be giving birth in season eight. “Maggie’s baby will not be born in season eight. But anything’s possible,” he confessed while answering a fan’s question at The Walking Dead season eight preview.


Which could mean a couple of things: (a) the baby will not be born during the new season and will not be seen at all during Season 8, or (b) the baby won’t be born during Season 8 but could be introduced to viewers as an older version of Maggie and Glenn’s son. So, yeah, just sayin’, just because we have confirmation that Maggie doesn’t give birth in Season 8, that doesn’t necessarily mean Hershel’s grandchild won’t appear in the new world in Season 8. Guest Lennie James shared a major event for his Morgan in Season 8: “There is a big, big, one-on-one fight that Morgan has … that we hope is kind of monumental.

Will Maggie have her baby in Season 8? Watch this video below.


Hardwick used a question from fans to ask the show runner if Maggie’s baby would arrive before Season 8 comes to an end. “Maggie’s baby will not be born is Season 8,” Gimple said. “But anything’s possible.” For the upcoming episodes, the fact that Maggie’s baby is not born in the show’s eighth season is quite revealing for the upcoming 16 episodes, which kick off with the show’s 100th overall…

Photo below is a scene from The Walking Dead.


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An image below is a scene from The Walking Dead. was revealed to be pregnant in the Season 6 premiere, 32 episodes back. However, the character has not shown signs of pregnancy since with the exception of the complications which put her and some members of the Alexandria community on a crash course with Negan in the Season 6 finale. A safe assumption, though, is that Maggie is less than three months pregnant.




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