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In an interview with the New Yorker, executive producer Jenji Kohan revealed what problem they have encountered in the previous installment and how they could make it up on the show this year. “We had lost a bunch of original writers,” the 48-year-old producer revealed to the magazine.

After the season 5 cliffhanger finale concluded, the team is looking to give “Orange Is the New Black” a major facelift for its sixth season. Creator Jenji Kohan also revealed that the end of the prison-based dramedy could be closer than expected. “I’m always excited about every season and what’s going to happen, but this season, I feel like it’s an amazing facelift,” Moore revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. The actress admitted that none of them knew if they would be making it to the next run until they received the first script for season 6.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ is getting a facelift in Season 6. Watch this video.


The comment does not come as a surprise because last season’s finale ended with the inmates getting sent off to separate prisons. Meanwhile, the core cast that includes Piper (Taylor Schilling), Alex (Laura Prepon), Suzanne (Uzo Aduba ), Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Red (Kate Mulgrew) and Moore’s Cindy remain inside their hiding place, waiting for their fates. Whether they will survive to see another season remain to be seen. But Moore also warns that “Orange is the New Black” Season 6 will also see the repercussions of the decisions that each character made during the three-day stand-off.

Adrienne C. Moore revealed, ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 6 is an amazing facelift. Watch this video below.


“Orange is the New Black” Season 6 will try to redeem itself by featuring the real-life problems of President Donald Trump’s administration, Christian Today reported. Jenji Kohan teased that just like in the fourth installment, where the Black Lives Matter movement had been depicted; the new season might reference the new president’s leadership. However, the television show’s new storyline will still focus on the prison.

Photo below is a scene from OITNB season 5.

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The showrunners apparently would want the actors to take the journey and see for themselves what they discover along the process. While there are a lot of questions for the next installment, creator Kohan revealed that she’s thinking of ending the series after its seventh season. However, Kohan assured that she still has to finalize her decision. When asked about the conclusion of the series, her lips were sealed. She just said, “I think [I know how it ends]. And I will not share it.” “Orange Is the New Black” has already been renewed for two more seasons, and its sixth run is scheduled to hit the screens in 2018.






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