Jennifer Lawrence: Nature Is Punishing U.S. With Hurricanes For Electing Trump


Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence told a British interviewer that the hurricanes wreaking havoc on the US currently are nature’s retribution for electing Donald Trump as President… a truly astoundingly ignorant comment which the internet simply couldn’t let go unchecked.

During an interview about her latest film, whatever it is, the reporter equated it with political division in America and a sense of impending doom. Lawrence then threw climate change into the conversation out of nowhere, seemingly equating it with destructive weather, and rolled the whole thing up into a bizarre anti-Trump rant:

“You know you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard especially while promoting this movie, not to feel mother nature’s rage and wrath,” Lawrence stated.

So… mother nature is angry at Trump? At Trump voters? Is she saying that nature is somehow aware of the tension between Americans on different sides of the political landscape? And if so, why would nature send a hurricane to destroy several islands in the Caribbean populated by non Trump voting non Americans?

Many others also wondered exactly what nonsense Lawrence was blathering about:




  1. God does not punish us for voting for Trump. At least the God I worship doesn’t. Global warming is not Trumps fault ,he has only been president a few months. He did not order the flooding or fires or the earth quake to get back at those who voted for Trump. Get real people!!

  2. Why blame God?…….because that’s exactly what she is saying!!!

    God does not punish!
    The devil does!
    So is it then the devil is angry……because the POTUS brought God into the White House with his faith and trust in Him.


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