iPhone X’s getting its facial recognition technology.Take a look!


Apple users who were squeamish about handing over their fingerprints now face an even more personal proposition: unlocking their smartphones with their faces. “Face ID is the future of how we unlock our smartphones and protect our sensitive information.” Convenient, but perhaps a bit creepy? Here’s how it works.  The system relies on an advanced suite of tech packed into the front of the new phone.

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Because of this dominating display on the front, the physical home button is ditched, and with it the removal of the Touch ID scanner. Touch ID is gone forever, but Apple really wants you to use Face ID to unlock your phone instead. You better get comfortable with scanning your face if you want to use your fancy new iPhone X.

iPhone X Face ID Explained And Demonstrated. Watch this video below.

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In its quest for hardware perfection, Apple can’t seem to resist testing the balance between making things easy and making them secure. Sure, a six-digit passcode is virtually impossible for a thief to crack before his repeated attempts lock the phone, but it demands an unacceptable fraction of a second for you to tap it out. FaceID will be integrated beyond the lock screen, too, in everything from downloading new apps to making payments with Apple Pay.

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Below is an image of iPhone X

That 3-D shape should prove vastly tougher for anyone to spoof than the simpler image recognition previous systems have deployed. But not impossible, insists Marc Rogers, a security researcher at Cloudflare who was one of the first to demonstrate spoofing a fake fingerprint to defeat TouchID. Rogers says he has no doubt that he—or at least someone—will crack FaceID, too.

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