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Fans of The Big Bang Theory won’t have to wait too much longer for the hit sitcom to return! In fact, the premiere date for TBBT just around the corner. We wouldn’t blame you if you’re already counting down the days until the show returns on Sept. 25 — especially considering how much there is to be excited about when it comes to season 11! For starters, this season brings with it a brand new showrunner. With Steve Molaro and Chuck Lorre shifting their efforts over to TBBT’s spinoff, Young Sheldon, the show will be in the capable hands of Steve Holland.

The Big Bang Theory season 11 promo. Watch this video below.


“Big Bang Theory” Season 11, episode 3 may be called “The Relaxation Integration.” According to a fan-made spoiler account, the Oct. 9 episode of the hit CBS series will center on Sheldon (Jim Parsons) struggling to pick a wedding date for him and Amy (Mayim Bialik). If the network will eventually confirm the title and synopsis to be true, this means that Amy will say yes to Sheldon’s proposal. Since Amy will most likely say yes to her boyfriend, she and Sheldon also need to figure out the location for their wedding. Amy wants it near a cliff, but Sheldon doesn’t think that this is a good idea.

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Jim Parsons revealed to Parade the secret behind the success of “The Big Bang Theory” series. He told the publication that the show is famous because the storyline is funny and thoughtful at the same time. “We’re not solving a new mystery every week, so you’re not gonna get a fresh story in that way,” Jim explained to the news outlet. “If you don’t want to watch these particular characters relate to each other, you’re not gonna want to come back,” the actor went on.

Jim talks about coming back for season 11 of The Big Bang Theory on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch this video below.


In episode 1, potentially titled “The Proposal Proposal,” Bernadette will tell Howard about her second pregnancy. In Season 10, she just gave birth to her first child. As of late, it is still unclear what Howard’s reaction will be like since he was very worried about becoming a father to Hallie just a few months ago.

Photo below is a scene from The Big Bang Theory season 10.


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“The Big Bang Theory” Season 11 Episode 1 spoilers claimed that Amy gives her answer to the marriage proposal of Sheldon while Bernadette and Howard expect for their second child. Latest reports confirmed that “The Proposal Proposal” is the title of the first episode as well as the season premiere of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 11. In this episode, it was claimed that Bernadette and Howard will be expecting their second child while Amy now gives her answer to the marriage proposal of Sheldon.



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