Game of Thrones: Is Joffrey Was A Better King?


Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) left a lingering sting on fans who loved to hated the volatile young king during his rule, mainly due to the senseless cruelty he often showed toward those beneath him. His poisoning in the season 4 episode “The Lion and the Rose” remains one of the more celebratory deaths in the show’s history. While many fans may have been glad to finally see Joffrey go, it only reinforced how memorably compelling he was as a villain. But despite all of his irrationally violent acts, he wasn’t stupid. At times he flashed surprising foresight, and a new video reminds viewers of two of his strongest moments as king.

Game of thrones: Joffrey was a better king than you think. Watch this video below.


For fans of the show, you know that King Joffrey, played brilliantly by Jack Gleeson, is the biggest a-hole on the show (until Ramsay Bolton shows up). Joffrey just walked around acting like an evil little prick and making everyone’s life a living hell as he sent people left and right to be executed. Eventually (spoilers!) Joffrey meets his maker and is killed off by poison.

Joffrey Baratheon Vs Ramsay Bolton. Watch this video below.


Image below is a scene from Game of thrones season 4

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The ex-king’s idea of soldiers loyal to the crown was also better in theory than in practice, as it was the kind of army that could have taken years, even generations to build effectively. That doesn’t take away the fact that despite being one of Game of Thrones’ most purely evil characters, Joffrey occasionally brought some sound thoughts to the table.




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