Donald Trump Tweets “Covfefe,” Social Media Goes BRUTAL


Late on Tuesday, Trump began tweeting what appeared to be another attack on the press but seemingly got distracted halfway, only managing to tweet the words “[d]espite the constant negative press” before ending proceedings with the typo “covfefe. Donald Trump Tweets About “Covfefe,” Social Media Responds | THR News

Thanks to him, the internet spent a day losing its collective mind over covfefe. In case you’ve been in a coma, this all started because Trump tweeted something in the wee morning hours that appeared to be a typo: Despite the constant negative press covfefe Everyone waited for him to delete the tweet and finish his thought. Hilary Clinton joked at a Recode interview that covfefe was “a  hidden message to the Russians.“ She also mocked Spicer’s explanation: Ah, the small group explanation. 

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