Catch Up with Actors of ‘The Walking Dead’ in response to that Baby Bombshell.


It was the “Walking Dead” baby reveal heard ’round the world when in Episode 4 of Season 7, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) confirmed what fans had suspected for years: Shane (Jon Bernthal) is truly the father of Judith Grimes. Now, with Season 8 set to premiere this October, Judith’s real parents are finally speaking out. HuffPost caught up with former “Walking Dead” actors Sarah Wayne Callies and Jon Bernthal to get their takes on the big reveal, and the pair were actually pretty thoughtful.


Stars react to the shocking baby bombshell. Take a look.

“I always thought in my gut it was Shane’s baby,” Bernthal told Huffington Post. “…but it was interesting that they took it there officially, that they had their Maury Povich moment.” Bernthal cherishes his time on The Walking Dead and the people he worked with on the series but still had a little fun after the reveal. “I think most important with that show is I really love the people that make that show. That cast are some of the actors that I’m closest with in my life,” Bernthal said. “Andy [Lincoln] might’ve shot me a message to let me know, a funny text.”


Jon Bernthal talks about the bombshell in detail.

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The pair believed that the Sheriff had been killed in the zombie series when they embarked on a passionate affair but when he suddenly turned up alive, they were forced to put their relationship on hold. Lori (played by Sarah Wayne-Callies) learned that she was expecting her second child but did not know if the father was Shane (Jon Bernthal) or husband Rick (Andrew Lincoln).

Image from one of the scene from the walking dead.
Despite not knowing if Judith was really his baby, after Lori died in childbirth and he killed a reanimated Shane, Rick stepped up as her father.


Image from one of the scene from the walking dead.

Finally, it was announced that The Walking Dead‘s season 8 premiere – and 100th episode – will be immediately followed by a two-hour Talking Dead special, featuring multiple cast members. The Walking Dead season 8 premieres October 22 on AMC.



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