Britney Spears Spent Over $10 Million in 2016


Britney Spears loves getting pampered. Just look at her bill for massages. According to documents filed regarding her conservatorship, the 35-year-old singer spent $10,956,873.91 out of the $16 million she earned in 2016. According to the docs, her biggest expenses include $122,613 for massages, grooming and nails … $69,668 on wardrobe and $24,392 for hair and makeup. As much as she’s been toning her bod … the massages make sense. Her pooches are still very well cared for — $29,852 for the year, which is slightly down from the previous year.

Britney Spears in a great shape. Watch this photo below.

As for shopping sprees … she rarely spent more than a few hundred dollars at a time in Pottery Barn, Albertsons, Ralphs, Vons (lots o’ groceries), Target and yes … she had enough time to hit up Bed Bath & Beyond too.


Britney Spears’ spending habits have been revealed in new court documents related to her conservatorship. The pop star – who earned $16 million last year – spent a total of $10,956,873.91 in 2016 with most of her money going on massages and clothes, according to TMZ. Legal documents show the mother-of-two dropped a whopping $122,613 on massages – no doubt because of her grueling workouts and back-to-back shows in Las Vegas – as well as manicures and other personal grooming.


Britney Spears spent insane money on massages, watch this video

Britney still cannot make legal or financial decisions without the approval of her father Jamie Spears and his lawyer Andrew Wallet. Jamie, 65, has been running her business and personal affairs for eight years. Britney pays him $130,000 per year to act as conservator of her estate in an arrangement that has no end in sight, the New York Times reported last year.


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Jamie was made legal custodian of Britney in 2008 after her dramatic meltdown, and is responsible for her physical well-being, custody arrangements, managing her money and overseeing her music career. All of Britney’s purchases, no matter how small, are tracked and submitted in court documents under the arrangement.


What is the net worth of Britney Spears? Watch this video below.

According to the docs, Spears loves to indulge in massages, grooming and getting her nails done, which added up to $122,613. Her wardrobe costs were $69,668, and she spent $24,392 on makeup and hairdressing. Her pet care is also quite pricey, totaling $29,852 for all of 2016. The docs also show that Spears has a $500 weekly ACH transfer to her mother, Lynne Spears, and that her total property and assets at the end of 2016 were $55,745,288.






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