Battling with lyme Disease: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Mary Kate Robertson talks about it.


The effects of chronic illness can be devastating not only for individuals, but for entire families. “Duck Dynasty” star Mary Kate Robertson, the wife of John Luke Robertson, shared the painful reality of her family’s decade-long battle with Lyme disease in a blog post that reveals just how physically and emotionally devastating chronic illness can be on a family.


Duck Dynasty’s Mary Kate Robertson reveals family’s decade-long struggle with lyme disease. Watch this video below.

Mary Kate Robertson is opening up about her family’s battle with Lyme disease. The Louisiana native wrote her father was diagnosed with Lyme disease after a family trip to DisneyWorld when Robertson was in the fourth grade. The college student, who is married to Willie and Korie Robertson’s eldest son John Luke, said she decided to share her story to help those who are “battling a chronic illness” to know “you are not alone.”


“Lyme comes from a deer tick. Usually the tick bite will show a bulls-eye rash around it if the tick is an infected tick, but not always. Lyme is preventable at first by a round of antibiotics. To be safe, if you ever pull a tick off of you it is a good idea to go to the doctor and start on an antibiotic. Most doctors do not take Lyme disease very seriously, but that’s got to change. If someone blows it off, find someone that will not blow it off,” she wrote.

How dangerous is lyme disease? Watch this video below.


By the time she was in middle school, she, her mom and her sister had tested positive for Lyme disease as well. She said although being diagnosed didn’t really faze her at the time, she remembers fighting with her dad a lot, her parents arguing more and her sister not having the energy to play with her. Her parents searched all over for a doctor, and Robertson said one of the countless treatments her dad tried caused him to be legally blind for a time.

In the photo below, John Luke Robertson & Mary Kate Robertson on their wedding day.



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“A lot of the time I feel like there’s no point in praying for healing anymore, but I have to tell myself to keep believing that God is in the miracle business and that He is in it for me … just because He didn’t bring healing yesterday doesn’t mean He won’t today or tomorrow!” she wrote.



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