Apple Watch Series 3 cuts the cord from your iPhone


Apple hopes to maintain its lead over rivals like Samsung and Fitbit with a new wearable. Apple exec Jeff Williams introducing new features for the next Apple Watch. Apple has cut the strings on its smartwatch. At the company’s big product event Tuesday at its new headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple Senior Vice President of Operations Jeff Williams unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3, the latest in the company’s growing family of wearables. The device will be able to tap into a cellular network, which means you won’t have to lug your iPhone along when you go for a run. Previously, the watch had to be paired with the phone for connectivity, but the new wrist-worn gadget will be able to run its own apps, play music and take calls all by itself. The watch will be available Sept. 22, with orders beginning Sept. 15.

Watch Series 3 with cellular below

The Apple Watch has dominated the smartwatch market, but though Apple fanboys, early adopters and fitness-focused consumers jumped onto the bandwagon, smartwatches in general are still a relatively rare sight. That could change, however.
Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the event that the Apple Watch is now the top-selling watch in the world, beating out products from companies like Rolex and Fossil. Sales of the smartwatch rose 50 percent year-over-year from 2016, Cook said.


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The Apple Watch is the most successful smartwatch by a large margin, and with good reason: It combines the Cupertino brand’s iconic style with a number of features for fitness fans, such as heart rate and step tracking. However, a major sticking point of the Apple Watch Series 2 is that it has to be tethered to either a phone or Wi-Fi to properly function. With the Apple Watch Series 3 that all changes. The Series 3 is the first Apple Watch to have built-in LTE, which means you can send messages and make calls even without an iPhone nearby. You’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving your phone at the gym ever again. In addition, the Series 3 includes a faster processor, faster Wi-Fi, and better battery efficiency.


Apple Watch Series 3 unveiled with cellular built-in. Watch this video


Apple also announced that WatchOS 4, which will be officially released next week, will include all-new heart rate tracking features, including displaying your resting and recovery heart rates. You can also set your watch to notify you if it notices an unusual rise or drop in heart rate. The Series 3 retails for $399 with cellular support, and $329 without. It’s worth noting that it appears to have replaced the Series 2 on Apple’s roster, while the Series 1 is still available for $249.



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